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Disrupting the mushroom market with a DTC first strategy.

Hapimix is a disruptive entrant to the mushroom market in the US, offering a strong, potent product with a fun and edgy personality . We created a website that allows users to single purchase, subscribe and save, as well as add bundles and additional upsell offers to their shopping cart.

The website needed to clearly communicate the health benefits of mushrooms as well as the beautiful product itself. Within our the site design and development we carried out a product photoshoot here in the studio to give Hapimix strong visuals for when they launched.

In-cart Cross-sell and Upsell with Subscriptions

For the mushroom lovers among us, the option to subscribe and save would be a key component of the business’ strategy moving forward.  The aim was to make subscriptions and the opportunity to increase one’s order size, as accessible as possible when a product was added to the cart. Our simple button features, housed within this well thought out UX  allows users to toggle between the two buying options and add offers to their order.

Product bundles and upsells was a key component of this site build. We developed a bespoke system within Shopify to allow products and bundles to be shown as an upsell offer depending on what the user had added to cart in that moment.

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