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A newsletter for people growing brands

This is more than just a newsletter. Every month we share insights to how we are designing, launching and growing brands. What’s working and what’s not? From insights on how to boost revenue on your Shopify site, what ad stream are working for us and what we are doing to get noticed by the big retailers for the brands we manage.

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Real Tactics

Our newsletter is powered by our own experience, and the things we are doing to grow out brands day to day.

As our team launches brands and grows startups, we share the learning and experience in to this monthly newsletter. Including new projects we are launching, how we are launching them and how we go about growing them, especially online through ecommerce and other similar channels.

Agency experiments: success & failures
Brand launches and growth hacking
Growing brands through Shopify
Getting listed and growing distribution

Example insights

Here are some examples of what you can expect from us month to month:

  • How to make your packaging stand out next to your competitors
  • Making effective use of email marketing to further grow customer retention
  • Best practices for product pages on Shopify, what’s wprking and what’s not
  • Developing and efficient and cost effective SEO strategy for a snacking brand
  • Email introduction tips to get in with retailers
  • Ecommerce strategies that are working for us

A newsletter for normal people. Those with realistic budgets, limited time on their hands or a small team. People launching their brands and working hard to write their own success stories.

Ian Harris

Creative Director + Brand Owner

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No spam, just the good stuff

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