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A health conscious seltzer that belongs to the young.

BadWater is on a mission to give hedonistic health conscious drinkers a seltzer that belongs to them. We were tasked to create a brand that was fearless and bold in it’s personality and specifically targeted towards the Gen-Z demographic. Breaking the mould of many other seltzer brands we gave Badwater an unapologetic attitude in its design that resonates with the younger target market.

Preparing for a disruptive digital and social launch.

Knowing the importance of a digital-led strategy for Badwater we crafted a series of 3D motion animations and video content for use across social media and other digital apps. This would ultimately help drive both traffic and conversions online.

We also prepared for Badwater’s position in retail and on shelf by designing a range of consumer deliverables, including multipack packaging and party pack mix boxes.

An e-commerce experience for a digital-led audience

Unlike many other seltzer brands, Badwater would launch with a focus towards digital and online purchases. We designed and developed a custom Shopify store for the launch of the brand, incorporating 3D motion and animations as well as ensuring that the site was optimised for mobile devices first; as much of their audience would visit and shop on the site from their phones.

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